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Future Shape of Church

In his web­site Future Shape of Church Edward Green, an ordin­and at West­cott House, Cam­bridge, explores what it means to be Chris­ti­an in a post-mod­ern world. This devel­op­ing web­site con­tains a num­ber of inter­est­ing essays, includ­ing one on sexu­al­ity and anoth­er on the need for the exist­ence of God: ‘reli­gion,’ he writes, ‘is a thing of value that can exist inde­pend­ent of the actu­al­ity of a divine being’. The site also includes essays and ser­mons by oth­ers, includ­ing Dr Fraser Watts, Star­bridge Lec­turer in Theo­logy and Sci­ence at Cam­bridge University.