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Additional liturgical materials for baptism

As reported on the main TA blog the House of Bishops of the Church of England met at Bishopthorpe Palace in York on Monday and Tuesday.

Amongst lots of other business, the Statement issued by the House contains this paragraph:

The House of Bishops received a report from the Liturgical Commission on the use of additional texts for use in services of Baptism following the piloting of new materials in parishes. The House heard that the feedback from the parishes to the use of the texts had been largely positive and welcoming. Following a debate and minor amendments to the text the House voted for the new texts to progress to being debated by General Synod.

This is the normal route for any material which comes under the terms of the Worship and Doctrine Measure 1974, i.e., any material which is alternative to text in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer — any draft is first reviewed by the House of Bishops, and only when agreed by that House is it introduced into the General Synod.

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