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martyrdom in the Solomon Islands

Yes­ter­day and today, ACNS, the Anglic­an Com­mu­nion News Ser­vice, has announced and giv­en details of the murder of six mem­bers of the Melane­sian Broth­er­hood, in the Solomon Islands.

The six were Broth­ers Robin Lind­say, Fran­cis Tofi, Alfred Hilly, Ini Ini Part­abatu, Patteson Gatu, and Tony. May they rest in peace.

They were taken host­age by rebels in April after they had gone to invest­ig­ate the repor­ted murder of anoth­er broth­er, Nath­aniel Sado, and to retrieve his body.

We remem­ber those who give their lives in the ser­vice of Christ and their fel­lows, pray­ing for their fam­il­ies, for the Melane­sian Broth­er­hood, and for the people of the Solomon Islands.