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martyrdom in the Solomon Islands

ACNS reports that the funerals have taken place of the seven members of the Melanesian Brotherhood who met their deaths earlier this year in Guadalcanal (see reports here and here).

Post mortems indicate that Brother Nathaniel Sado was tortured and died from the wounds inflicted over several days. Of the six Brothers who went to investigate his disappearance, three were shot and killed upon arrival, and the other three were beaten and tortured and then shot the next day.

The report describes the funeral of Br Robin Lindsay, attended by the families of the murdered Brothers, as well as the Governor General, the Prime Minister, and also the Archbishop and hundreds of others.

May they rest in peace!


Homophobia in the Name of God

Homophobia in the Name of God is an article, notionally about same-sex marriage in Canada, but which contains some interesting criticism of the stance of conservative religious groups. The author, George Dvorsky of Toronto, suggests that the criticisms made by such groups are in fact counter-productive to their own cause, a view that I am inclined to agree with.

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martyrdom in the Solomon Islands

ACNS reports a service of thanksgiving for the lives of the Melanesian Brothers recently murdered in the Solomon Islands.

A Service of Thanksgiving for the lives of Brother Robin Lindsay and his companions — the seven Melanesian Brothers murdered in the Solomon Islands – will take place at St Philip’s Church, Earls Court Road, London W8, on Thursday 18 September at 5pm. The service will be followed by a reception from 6pm – 7pm, during which an ecumenical announcement will be made.

Archbishop James Ayong, Primate of the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea, and the Rt Revd Roger Jupp, Bishop of Popondota, will be present.

Further information, and details of some other services (including services at Chester Cathedral and Little St Mary’s Cambridge), may be found at the PNGCP web site.


martyrdom in the Solomon Islands

Yesterday and today, ACNS, the Anglican Communion News Service, has announced and given details of the murder of six members of the Melanesian Brotherhood, in the Solomon Islands.

The six were Brothers Robin Lindsay, Francis Tofi, Alfred Hilly, Ini Ini Partabatu, Patteson Gatu, and Tony. May they rest in peace.

They were taken hostage by rebels in April after they had gone to investigate the reported murder of another brother, Nathaniel Sado, and to retrieve his body.

We remember those who give their lives in the service of Christ and their fellows, praying for their families, for the Melanesian Brotherhood, and for the people of the Solomon Islands.