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Additional liturgical materials for baptism

The Agenda for the July meet­ing of the Gen­er­al Syn­od is now avail­able and con­tains the fol­low­ing snippet:

Update (4 June): The Agenda has been revised and the updated agenda is here but it does not yet con­tain the actu­al texts to be intro­duced at the Syn­od. The timetable for Sunday is the same as in the ori­gin­al agenda.

Sunday 13 July

(if Art­icle 7 Ref­er­ence Meet­ings are not required)
2.30 pm – 6.15 pm
Arch­bish­ops’ Council’s Annu­al Report 2013
Litur­gic­al Business
    Addi­tion­al texts for Holy Bap­tism – First Consideration 
Churches’ Mutu­al Cred­it Uni­on (CMCU): Presentation

(if Art­icle 7 Ref­er­ence Meet­ings are required)
4.00 pm – 6.15 pm
Litur­gic­al Business
    Addi­tion­al texts for Holy Bap­tism – First Consideration 
Churches’ Mutu­al Cred­it Uni­on (CMCU): Presentation

At the moment the papers per­tain­ing to this litur­gic­al busi­ness are not avail­able. We’ll add details when this is published.


  • Susannah Clark says:

    Are these ‘addi­tion­al texts’ the ones men­tioned and explored by Ian Paul:

    and found here:

    One issue I’d like to men­tion, in a broad­er litur­gic­al con­text, is the value there may be in align­ing Anglic­an liturgy with Roman Cath­ol­ic liturgy, to assist Chris­ti­ans who encounter both, and to wit­ness to the unity of our faith at its deep­er levels.

    Is liturgy explored, and developed, in col­lab­or­a­tion and con­sulta­tion with the Roman Cath­ol­ic Church. Are there joint work­ing parties?

  • Susan­nah – yes pre­sum­ably these are the basis of the texts to be brought to Syn­od. The House of Bish­ops state­ment (20 May) said that [only] minor amend­ments had been made by them to the draft text. The pro­cess for litur­gic­al author­iz­a­tion is that mater­i­al is always intro­duced into Syn­od in a form agreed by the House of Bish­ops. So whatever drafts have gone before the text is that of the Bish­ops, rather than that of the Litur­gic­al Commission.

  • As for joint work­ing – I can­’t answer that one dir­ectly. How­ever, the vari­ous denom­in­a­tions do have observ­ers at each oth­ers’ meet­ings. So there is a mem­ber of the CofE’s Litur­gic­al Com­mis­sion who acts as observ­er at meet­ings of whatever the Roman Cath­ol­ic equi­val­ent is. And sim­il­arly the RCC has an observ­er at meet­ings of the Litur­gic­al Com­mis­sion. And sim­il­arly for oth­er denom­in­a­tions. In the past work has also been done by the Joint Litur­gic­al Group.

    I’m sure someone will fill in or cor­rect the details for us.

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