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New Chair of the Liturgical Commission

Following the resignation of the Rt Revd Stephen Platten as Chair of the Liturgical Commission it has been announced that the new Chair is to be Robert Atwell, Bishop of Exeter. He will take up this position in January 2015.

I can find no announcement of this from the Church of England, but the latest issue of Praxis News of Worship indicates that it was announced at a meeting of the Liturgical Commission in early May, by the acting Chair, Robert Paterson, Bishop of Sodor and Man.

Robert Atwell is the author of a number of liturgical books including Celebrating the Saints and Celebrating the Seasons as well as the recent The Good Worship Guide. Previously Vicar of Primrose Hill, and then Bishop Suffragan of Stockport in the diocese of Chester, he was confirmed as Bishop of Exeter on 30 April, and will be enthroned in Exeter Cathedral in July.

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  • James says:

    I was both glad and relieved to hear of this appointment (but why no official announcement from the House of Bishops, I wonder?). It means that the future development of the Common Worship project will not suddenly shift in a particular direction (let the reader understand) and that the needs of the whole Church of England will be served by the Liturgical Commission.

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