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Prayers for Manchester

The Litur­gic­al Com­mis­sion has received a num­ber of enquir­ies today in the wake of yesterday’s events in Manchester, ask­ing for resources for vigil ser­vices. In addi­tion to the pray­ers tweeted by the Church of Eng­land Com­mu­nic­a­tions team, by a num­ber of dio­ceses and by oth­er indi­vidu­als, the links below to the Church of Eng­land web­site give a num­ber of appro­pri­ate pray­ers for the world/society here

and for indi­vidu­als here

For those need­ing a com­plete order of ser­vice, pp. 443–448 of New Pat­terns for Wor­ship has an out­line headed “Facing Pain: a Ser­vice of Lament” — also down­load­able from here

Some of the ‘Cross’ and ‘Lament’ (pos­sibly also ‘Liv­ing in the world’ and ‘Rela­tion­ships and heal­ing’) resources from New Pat­terns for Wor­ship might also be appro­pri­ate for inclu­sion in that ser­vice, or as stand-alone ele­ments in your reg­u­lar service.


  • Simon Kershaw says:

    The Revd Ally Bar­rett has help­fully com­piled this fur­ther list of suit­able resources here as a pdf file.

    It includes hymn sug­ges­tions, fur­ther pray­ers, images, quo­ta­tions, chil­dren’s and all-age resources, ser­mon ideas, and a “dis­aster response toolkit” for more gen­er­al use.

  • Julie Mintern says:

    Unfor­tu­nately I am unable to access Revd Ally Bar­rett’s resources. Simply get­ting the dreaded 404 Not Found
    Please advise.

  • Simon Kershaw says:

    Sorry – I’ve cor­rec­ted the link, which was acci­dent­ally includ­ing the full stop at the end of the sen­tence as part of the link.

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