Thinking allowed


I have moved the saga of my learn­ing to ring bells out of this blog and into A Bellringer’s Pro­gress. I don’t sup­pose any­one really cares, but although bell­ringing requires quite a bit of think­ing and it is almost entirely prac­tised in Anglic­an churches, it prob­ably doesn’t really belong here on Think­ing Anglic­ans.


  • Lorna says:

    Hi. I star­ted read­ing your blog and have found it so warm­ing – I took up bell­ringing a month ago and am lov­ing it and just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoy­ing read­ing about your pro­gress. All the best, Lorna.

  • Lorna says:

    Oh, and the pink bit on the left of A Bellringer’s Pro­gress obscures some of the text on my screen – not sure if it’s my res­ol­u­tion. Thanks

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