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Plain Bob Minor

For a few weeks, stretch­ing over the inter­rup­ted prac­tices of sum­mer, I have been ringing bell num­ber 2 at a plain course of bob doubles (with a ten­or cov­er). Tonight I had a go at bob minor, where the inter­rup­tions to plain hunt­ing are dodges at 3/4 down, then 5/6 down, 5/6 up, 3/4 up, and make 2nds. We did two courses — I pretty much kept my place through­out the first, and began to lose my place halfway through the second. That is, I knew where I was, but I was mis-remem­ber­ing where to dodge. I knew I was doing this and also real­ized that if I car­ried on I would come to lead in the right place, which is indeed what happened. For­tu­nately the ringers around me knew pretty much what they were doing.

Earli­er in the sum­mer, anoth­er ‘land­mark’ reached was super­vising a less-exper­i­enced ringer ringing up — I did this on two sep­ar­ate occa­sions (for two dif­fer­ent ringers), and each time I first helped them con­trol the rope, and then more or less took over from them. Per­haps not the best thing for them, but good for my hand-eye co-ordination!

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