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Coronation Liturgy Talk

(The Coron­a­tion of Queen Vic­tor­ia, 1838, painted by Sir George Hayter; Roy­al Col­lec­tion Trust)

Last week I par­ti­cip­ated in a “col­loqui­um” organ­ized by Prax­is on the sub­ject of the Coron­a­tion, giv­ing an intro­duct­ory talk on the ele­ments of the ser­vice or liturgy at pre­vi­ous coron­a­tions. (We don’t yet have details of the 2023 ser­vice.) The oth­er major presenter was the Very Revd Dr Dav­id Hoyle, the Dean of West­min­ster, who is closely involved in the plan­ning and will be a major par­ti­cipant at the service.

The slides I used at that talk can be found here, in two ver­sions – a large illus­trated ver­sion and a small ver­sion with no illustrations.

Both ver­sions con­tain some notes, and they can also be read in con­junc­tion with my earli­er post on the Coron­a­tion liturgy.

Addi­tion­ally a record­ing of the col­loqui­um is avail­able on You­Tube. My sec­tion starts at about 7 minutes in – do watch all the record­ing if you have time.



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