Thinking allowed

About Thinking allowed

Simon Kershaw photoI’m Simon Ker­shaw and I work for a soft­ware com­pany in Cam­bridge. I have worked in the industry for sev­er­al dec­ades, after read­ing phys­ics at Oxford, and I also write soft­ware and main­tain web­sites in my free time. I’ve been mar­ried to Kar­en for over 30 years, and we have two adult chil­dren and one grand­child. Kar­en and I are long-time mem­bers of All Saints’ Church, St Ives, where Kar­en sings in the choir and I’m a serv­er and bell ringer. I’m also Lay Chair of the Ely dio­ces­an syn­od, a lay can­on of Ely Cathed­ral and a mem­ber of the Litur­gic­al Com­mis­sion of the Church of England.

Think­ing allowed is a place for me to write about top­ics that take my interest. Over the last 15 years this has largely been about liturgy and bell­ringing, but in the future I shall prob­ably include oth­er sub­jects, such as issues of social justice and lib­er­al Chris­tian­ity; church archi­tec­ture; com­puter soft­ware; typo­graphy, books, her­aldry, Little Gid­ding, and per­haps oth­er stuff too.

The title alludes to the Think­ing Anglic­ans blog, which I have helped run since it began in 2003. It indic­ates that the import­ant things in life — faith and mor­als, polit­ics, art, even work, have to be thought about and con­sidered crit­ic­ally, not just accep­ted without debate: we are allowed to think. It’s also, of course, a pun on the idea that here I am simply think­ing aloud — that these are often just rough, unfin­ished thoughts.