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a quarter peal on eight

This afternoon I took part in a quarter peal of Plain Bob Major, my first quarter peal on eight bells.

On Saturday afternoon, 5 May 2007, at the Church of Saint James, Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire, a Quarter Peal of 1280 Plain Bob Major was rung in 45 minutes.
Weight of Tenor: 11-2-13 1/2 in G#
Bridget White Treble David Papworth 5
*Adam Safford 2 † Simon Kershaw 6
Cass Boocock 3 Richard Smith 7
John Boocock 4 Michael V White Tenor
Composed and Conducted by Michael V White
* First Quarter Peal ‘inside’ and on eight bells (aged 10 years).
† First Quarter Peal on eight bells.
Rung to celebrate the wedding of Richard Nelson Wallis and Ruth Christine Sturman