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martyrdom in the Solomon Islands

ACNS reports that the funerals have taken place of the seven members of the Melanesian Brotherhood who met their deaths earlier this year in Guadalcanal (see reports here and here).

Post mortems indicate that Brother Nathaniel Sado was tortured and died from the wounds inflicted over several days. Of the six Brothers who went to investigate his disappearance, three were shot and killed upon arrival, and the other three were beaten and tortured and then shot the next day.

The report describes the funeral of Br Robin Lindsay, attended by the families of the murdered Brothers, as well as the Governor General, the Prime Minister, and also the Archbishop and hundreds of others.

May they rest in peace!


bobbing along

After a few more weeks practising ringing the no 2 bell at Bob Doubles, I have for the last couple of Mondays been trying to ring a different bell. Tonight I was ringing the number 5 bell, which has the advantage of only having to look one way (except when leading off the tenor cover). Then after a couple of plain courses a bob was called, and I had to cope with this alteration to the pattern. First time was easy, because I knew what to do — instead of making 2nd’s place, continue plain hunting up to the back, down to the front, and make 2nd’s next time. Then a bob was called when I was dodging 3/4 up, and I was lost completely. Apparently I should have made 4th’s, then plain hunted back to the lead and dodged 3/4 up next time. I’ll have to check this — I fancy I might get asked to do something similar on Wednesday! [Correction: after making 4th’s, I should have hunted down to the lead, and next time lain four blows in 5th place; that is, by making 4th’s place you become the bell that is dodging 3/4 down, and that bell’s next variation from plain hunting is four blows at the back. Got that?]

In other bellringing news, our captain has indicated his intention to stand down, which means I get to be captain. Gulp.

[Update: at a ringers’ meeting held before practice on 8 December, I was elected tower captain, and Chris Armes as new vice-captain.]