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Learning to ring bells

First practice session at St Ives. Using a tied bell (i.e. the clapper is strapped in place so that it doesn’t hit the bell and ring) a group of 5 or 6 beginners practised backstrokes. Michael White, tower captain at Hemingford Grey, assisted by his wife Bridget, was the teacher, supervising us, ringing the handstrokes, and ensuring nothing went wrong, or rescuing us if it did.


Ever wanted to ring bells?

For some time at St Ives there has been no regular ringing of the church bells. At long last something will be done about this, and Michael White, tower captain at neighbouring Hemingford Grey, has offered to teach a new band.

So this morning, after Church, Jenny and I stayed behind to hear what Michael had to say. I suppose nearly a dozen others were there too.

Michael set up a bell (number 5) at backstroke, and then we each, under his supervision, pulled it down, Michael catching the sally and re-setting the bell.

We agreed to start learning how to do this, so that our bells can once again sound out regularly to announce worship and other celebrations at the Church. First practice, tomorrow night.