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Additional Texts for Holy Baptism (GS 1958A)

The Agenda for the Feb­ru­ary ses­sions of the Gen­er­al Syn­od was pub­lished recently. On Thursday after­noon, the Altern­at­ive Bap­tism Texts return to the Syn­od after the revi­sion com­mit­tee stage:

The fol­low­ing items (full details of which are con­tained in Spe­cial Agenda II – see page 9) will be taken:

600 Altern­at­ive Bap­tism Texts (GS 1958A)
– Report of the Revi­sion Com­mit­tee (GS 1958Y)

and the note on page 9 says:

Art­icle 7 Business
Con­sid­er­a­tion of a Report by the Revi­sion Com­mit­tee (GS 1958Y)
The Chair of the Revi­sion Com­mit­tee (the Bish­op of Truro) to move:
600 ‘That the Syn­od do take note of this Report.’

1. Notice of motions for re-com­mit­tal under the pro­vi­sions of Stand­ing Order 77(a) must be giv­en in writ­ing to the Clerk to the Syn­od by not later than 5.30pm on Tues­day 10 Feb­ru­ary 2015 (Stand­ing Order 10©). Any such motions will appear on a Notice Paper.

2. If no such motion is car­ried, the litur­gic­al busi­ness will auto­mat­ic­ally stand com­mit­ted to the House of Bish­ops under Stand­ing Order 77(f).

The texts (GS 1958A) and the report of the Revi­sion Com­mit­tee (GS 1958Y) can be found with oth­er papers for this group of ses­sions here.


Liturgical dates for 2015

There is a tra­di­tion of announ­cing at this time of the year the prin­cip­al dates of the eccle­si­ast­ic­al calendar.

Greg Kandra at ‘Don’t for­get to chant the date of East­er this Sunday’ lists the dates and the usu­al formula.

Of course nowadays you can just use a prin­ted alman­ac – or even an online one such as mine.


Religious Architecture

It is inten­ded to say quite a bit at Think­ing Liturgy on the sub­ject of church archi­tec­ture. Mean­while, here is an inter­est­ing col­lec­tion of pic­tures of

PHOTOS: See the award win­ners for stun­ning reli­gious architecture

Take a visu­al jour­ney of sac­red spaces around the world through the win­ners of the 2014 Inter­na­tion­al Awards Pro­gram for Reli­gious Art & Archi­tec­ture, giv­en out by Faith & Form, the inter­faith journ­al on reli­gion, art and architecture.

A five-mem­ber jury of artists, archi­tects, litur­gic­al design­ers and clergy handed out 32 awards from 134 submissions.

From the press release:

“Jury mem­bers agreed that reli­gious art and archi­tec­ture are flour­ish­ing through­out the world, and that artists, archi­tects, litur­gic­al design­ers, stu­dents, and oth­ers are explor­ing ways to bal­ance tra­di­tion with new demands of reli­gious prac­tice. The land­scape of sac­red space is chan­ging, along with dra­mat­ic shifts in organ­ized religion.”

The designs will prob­ably not be wel­comed by all, and they include places oth­er than Chris­ti­an ones. They are also largely, but not exclus­ively, North American.