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quarter peal, aged 9 1/4

A year which has seen, for me, three failed quarter peal attempts has drawn to a close with a suc­cess­ful quarter peal on the last day of the year. This was my third quarter peal, and the second in which I have rung ‘inside’, but the not­able thing about this one is that it was the first for the treble, Adam, who is aged just 9. We rang 1260 changes of Plain Bob Doubles, and apart from a glitch in the middle when I almost lost my place, was gen­er­ally unevent­ful. A nice way to end the year, and tonight we shall ring in the New Year at mid­night – a good way to start 2006.

On Sat­urday morn­ing, 31 Decem­ber 2005, at the Church of Saint James, Hem­ing­ford Grey, Cam­bridge­shire, a Quarter Peal of 1260 Plain Bob Doubles was rung in 49 minutes. 
Weight of Ten­or: 11–2‑13 1/2 in G# 
*Adam Saf­ford Treble Simon Ker­shaw 4
Steph­en M White 2 Michael V White 5
D Tom Cruyfft 3 Robin Saf­ford 6
Con­duc­ted by Michael V White
* First Quarter Peal, at age of 9 years
Rung on the con­duct­or’s 70th birthday
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