Thinking allowed

Calling changes

Michael tried getting me to call some changes. First calling the treble up over each other bell (to 7th), then 2 over the others etc, until it comes back into rounds.

Later he had me try and call to ‘Queen’s’ (13572468) but I couldn’t get my head around this at the time.

As usual, a bit of thinking after the practice reveals that you need to call 6 up one place over 7, 4 up two places over 5 and 7, and 2 up 3 places over 3, 5 and 7; and then get them back of course.


a band of ringers

This month, for the first time we held a ringers’ meeting to formally change the signatories on the Tower bank account. Sue Bates and I became signatories. John Marlow remained as a signatory from the previous ringers, so that there is officially continuity with that band.