Thinking allowed


Thinking allowed is hosted by Justus, and runs on WordPress on FreeBSD.

The TA theme was developed in-house for Thinking Anglicans, based on Tania Rascia’s blog Developing a WordPress Theme from Scratch, and built on Bootstrap.

The Thinking allowed masthead is set in Sophia and Skia, using webfont technology. These types were both designed by Matthew Carter, who writes:

Sophia was inspired by letters cut and written during the century or two that followed the fall of Rome. Classical orthodoxy came under the influence of foreign cultures; the alphabet, in flux, mixed Greek and uncial with its Roman forms. This period strikes me as rather like our own – cosmopolitan, receptive, diverse.

The text of the pages is set in Verdana, which was also designed by Matthew Carter, with the headings in Skia.

Simon Kershaw